Work-Life Balance: How To Achieve Happiness

It is common knowledge: happy employees perform better than unhappy ones. But success does not necessarily make people happier. So what does? According to many studies, the answer is the magical phrase: “work-life balance”. The challenge here is twofold for both employees and employers. Firstly, how to make more money and still maintain healthy work-life balance, have family time, to relax and have fun. Is it possible to have it all? Secondly, how can employers make their employees happy and retain them?

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Work-Life Balance: Tips From 4 Successful Working Mothers

At the beginning of the last century, almost all married women stayed home as housewives. Today, the labor market looks much different. 7 out of 10 mothers are working, most of them full time. Out of 83 million moms in the United States, roughly 61% of them work. Working moms account for almost one-fifth of all employed individuals.

On top of that, working women are also spending time cleaning, cooking or taking children to their sport/music activities in the afternoons. With Mother’s Day coming up soon, we talked with four mothers who shared with us the secrets of multitasking and how to balance work and life activities. Here is what they can advise us on the balancing act.

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Top Companies With Telecommute-Friendly Options

More and more companies are offering telecommute-friendly job options. Last year, according to, there was a sizable increase in remote positions during 2015. From 2014 to 2015, telecommuting job listings rose 36%, which is a great sign for people who are looking for remote positions!

Telecommute-freindly options

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Best Work-Life Balance Jobs

Work-life balance is declining as more employees are reporting a decrease in satisfaction over the past few years. While it’s becoming harder to find that perfect balance, some positions offer a better work-life balance than others.

work-life balance jobs

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Your Health is Your Choice

Sick employees can be a considerable cost to a company in lack of productivity, time commitments and benefit cost. However, the real reason you want to focus on your health is for yourself.

Think back to the last time you had a killer head cold or the flu and focus for a minute on how you felt……. achy, tired, grumpy and wishing it would just go away now! Why not take care of your health up front so that you are less inclined to get that virus going around?

Tips to practice daily

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