Remote Jobs Are On the Rise!

Remote jobs continue to be on the rise as the number of remote or telecommuting job listings rose 26 percent in 2104, and it’s expected to continue to increase this year.

Remote Jobs

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Why aren’t more people working from home?

I have been teleworking for over 7 years for the Federal government.  When I first began, it was just for a few days per week.  I carried my computer back and forth and planned the work that required I be in the office for the days that I went in.  Before cloud computing, there were files or programs that were not accessible from home.  Still, on those telecommuting days, I was much more productive than when in the office.  No personal visits, interruptions or unplanned ad hoq meetings equaled more productive work time for me.

In “Why Aren’t More Feds Teleworking,” Brittany Ballenstedt states that although close to half of the Federal workforce has been told by a supervisor that they are eligible to telework, they are not doing so.  Why is that?  Why aren’t more people taking advantage of this great benefit?  Continue reading