Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Jobs

Over the next few decades, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will change the job market and replace jobs often held by millennials. According to the Gallup study, millennials will be most in danger of being replaced because they are going to be working for many years before they retire. Other positions at risk are entry-level routine jobs such as accounting and financial services. What could be done to beat the trend? How is AI changing the workforce?

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Updating Your Digital Presence to Include Work Experience

It wasn’t too long ago that all you needed to worry about was how you looked on a resume and in an interview, but now with technology expanding quickly, more and more thought needs to be put into your digital presence and how you showcase yourself online.

Adecco recently did an article on how to present yourself online and what needs to be included to show off your talents/ backup your resume.

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Week in Review 1/13 to 1/17

Here’s quick snapshot of news around the industry!

Around the Staffing Industry:

Talent Management: