10 Tech Jobs That Don’t Require A STEM Degree

Tech jobs are very desirable with job seekers. Many tech companies are recognized on “best companies” lists and other valuable areas that job seekers want to find in a job. They usually offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and plenty of other perks, including happy employees and a low turnover rate.

While most think a STEM degree is needed to break into the tech industry, there are some high paying, fast growing careers that don’t require a math or science degree. Below are 10 tech jobs that fit that criteria.

tech jobs

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Top Paying Tech Jobs In High Demand

The tech industry is booming which makes it a highly desired career area for many job seekers, not to mention the industry pays well too. But what are the highest paying tech jobs? Glassdoor recently answered that question when the job hunting site created a list of the 25 best-paying jobs that are in high demand.

Top Paying Tech Jobs

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