Exercising Security While Traveling

Continuing from the last post on security while traveling, once you have arrived at your destination it’s important that you attempt to fit in and be inconspicuous. Depending on where you visit you will want to dress in a way that will not cause you to stand out. If you are traveling international this may mean not wearing a lot of jewelry, name brand clothes, or anything flashy including sports apparel. Also, please don’t place personal items on the ground. Many women I know have had purses stolen while at cafes because they set their purse on the ground. Even placing the leg of a chair through the handle of your bag doesn’t mean it won’t be stolen.  Continue reading

Security Precautions While Traveling

Whether traveling for business or pleasure there are certain precautions and preparations that should be taken. If you hold a security clearance and are traveling internationally, whether for business or pleasure, you need to inform your company. They will want to know specifics of where you’re going and when you’re going, including passport and social security numbers. Of course even if you don’t have a clearance it’s always a good idea to leave your itinerary and contact information behind with a family member or friend. Continue reading