Resume Writing Tips For Older Job Seekers

Job candidates come in all ages but with an increasing amount of individuals searching the job market, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Resume Tips For Older Job Seekers

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Avoid These Phrases When Crafting A Resume

A lot goes into crafting a resume that grabs recruiters attention. Outlining achievements, employment history, and skills are must haves for a solid resume, but there are some resume phrases that can ruin chances of getting a call back.

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The Right Job Search Keywords To Use

Including the right keywords in the right places can help improve your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers. Including these job search keywords to areas like headlines, bios, about me sections, and of course your resume, are an important part of the job search process.


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Don’t Let These Resume And Cover Letter Mistakes Happen To You!

Are you applying for jobs and not getting any response even though you have the experience? You might want to check for resume and cover letter mistakes that can be hidden.

Resume And Cover Letter Mistakes

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Best Time To Send Resumes

Job searching is a tough job! There are a lot of factors that go into finding and securing a job that one might not think of.

You craft your resume and cover letter, but when is the best time to send resumes? Here are some tips to know when the “sweet spots” are for sending resumes.

best time to send resume


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Resume Follow Up Tips

You’ve sent the resume, what’s next? Do you just wait and see what happens? No, you follow up!

It can get discouraging when you send resume after resume and hear nothing in return, but that’s when you need to kick it into high-gear and be proactive. These resume follow up tips will help you feel comfortable reaching out and give you a chance to pitch yourself to hiring managers.

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Resume Writing Clichés To Stay Away From

Resume writing tips can help you master a resume but there’s also some other things you need to think of. The obvious ones are proofreading and checking for misspelled words/ punctuation but there are some clichés that you need to stay far away from to have a successful, hard-hitting resume.

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Career Advice Wednesday – Don’t Kill Your Resume’s Chances


Welcome to our candidate focused weekly blog.  This week we are focused on how you can make sure your resume gets noticed first.

When it comes to your job search, assumptions can stop your progress dead in it’s tracks.  The following assumptions are just a few that can quickly kill your chances:

  • Overloading your resume with keywords
  • Forcing yourself to a one page maximum
  • Including “references available upon request”
  • Thinking your resume is the “magic elixir” to a job

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