Career Advice: Tips on How to Stand Out

Every person is different, and whether it’s your job or or a potential new job , getting someone’s attention and keeping their attention can be difficult.

Careeralism has a few tips  to help get you noticed and stand out from the rest.

1. Use NEAR: Numbers, Examples, Accomplishments, Results. People who showcase their accomplishments with examples and numbers, have more credibility and will grab attention quicker

2. Great Stories of Progression:

Once you’ve grabbed their attention using NEAR, support yourself by telling great stories that highlight those points. Tell them the story, what happened, and how YOU contributed to making it happen!

3. Make them want you:

Keep their interest and close the deal. Interview them and be curious…. ask questions to show you’re serious about the position and company. When you show interest or curiosity, you stand out by showing you’ve thought long and hard about your role and what you can bring to the company.

Using these tips, along with a few others, will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd and keep your manager (or recruiter) interested. NEAR is a great way to create a tactic on how to keep the attention of people who can help you move up in a company.

Eight Essential Tips to Help You Land a VA Loan




Buying a home using your hard-earned VA loan benefits can be one of the most rewarding financial experiences of your life.

These government-backed mortgages have more flexible and forgiving requirements than other loan types. Significant benefits like $0 down payment and no mortgage insurance open the doors of homeownership to scores of veterans and service members who might otherwise be left out. Continue reading

Is a Sparkle Wash franchise for you?

Many veterans want to establish themselves in their own business. Franchising is an opportunity that may be worth reviewing. Sparkle Wash Selected as one of the 50 Top Franchises for Veterans

Rob Bond, President of World Franchising Network: Congratulations to SparkleWash® International – the professional commercial pressure washing franchise system since 1965 – on being selected as one of the 50 Top Franchises for Veterans! As a direct result of your commitment to the recruitment and advancement of veterans within your company, Sparkle Wash has been selected for this honor.

Two examples of the SparkleWash® commitment to veterans are:

Steve Kelley, CAPT, US Navy (Ret) Comments on the Sparkle Wash Franchise Program

Master Sergeant Todd M. Butler (ret) Enjoys his Sparkle Wash Commercial Pressure Washing Franchise

Also, a feature article listing Sparkle Wash in USA Today – Franchising Today can be viewed at

Again, congratulations SparkleWash® International – the professional commercial pressure washing franchise system since 1965 – on being selected as one of the 50 Top Franchises for Veterans.

Mr. Robert Bond, President
World franchising Network

Comment from Patuxent Naval Air Station, MD

Good morning VP Tom Yuhas!

CONGRATULATIONS! I personally witness your commitment to myself and fellow veterans, but what the article fails to mention is the intangible service that you provide by coming down here at talking to veterans directly and giving them a different perspective of the franchising world.

Again, Bravo Zulu! Here is to continued success and great partnerships!


Frank J. Furtado, CIV, DON
Work & Family Life Consultant
Fleet and Family Support Center
Patuxent Naval Air Station, MD 20670


For more information on Sparkle Wash contact

Thomas E. Yuhas
Vice President, Franchise Development
SparkleWash® International
Professional commercial pressure washing franchise system since 1965 Your Pressure Washing Experts
7599 First Place
Oakwood, OH 44146 USA

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LinkedIn offers U.S. veterans a free one-year Premium Job Seeker subscription

LinkedIn offers U.S. veterans a free one-year Premium Job Seeker subscription as part of our commitment to help veterans connect with available jobs across America.

If you are a U.S. Veteran interested in this offer, please join the LI Job Seeker Subscription subgroup of the Veteran Mentor Network to signal your interest. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive more information about your free upgrade. Continue reading

Free webinars on Franchising, Resume Writing, Preparing for Military Transition and Entrepreneurship

Transitioning military members have three choices when they transition out. They may pursue educational programs utilizing their VA benefits or the Vocational Rehab program for veterans with disabilities, they can establish a business, either a franchise or another business or they can look for a new career or position. Continue reading