The “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

Interviews can be a nerve wracking thing and there are some questions that you never know quite how to answer. Some of those dreaded interview questions include, “What is your biggest weakness?” – “What would you like to be doing in five years?” –  “Why do you think I should hire you?’ and ” Tell me about yourself.”  These are all questions you need to prep for so you have fluidity and confidence when answering.

The Tell me about yourself interview question is one of those staples that many interviewers use, so it’s best to practice before hand. While there is no “wrong” way to answer the question, interviewers are trying to get to know you professionally and get a grasp on your experience and career goals.


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How to Leave 2013 and Enter 2014 with a Bang!

The holidays are almost here, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off.  Make the most of these last few months and get ready for the new year.

Kevin Daum recently wrote, “Make the Rest of 2013 More Successful” providing his keys to success:

  • Go Lean and Mean
  • Take Stock
  • Add Structure
  • Make a Deal
  • Enlist Partners

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