Job Seekers, Get Recruiters To Come to You

Job searching is tough business. You can literally spend hours searching for jobs upon jobs, but what if you could make the jobs come to you?

With such a saturated job market, job seekers can be overlooked in a sea of candidates, but there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind if you want recruiters to come “knocking” on your virtual door!


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Online Job Search Best Practices

Gone are the days where you search through classifieds to find a job. Now, everything is done online. From discovering job postings to researching companies, the internet is the place to go for job seekers. To maximize efficiency, there are online best practices to follow so you’re ahead of the job search game.

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7 Tips To Jump Start Your Job Search

I wanted to share this great article today because it really outlines some important tips that each of you should be taking in your job search today.  I especially like Tip #4.  It discusses targeting employers that are in your field of interest.

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