Avoid These LinkedIn Job Search Mistakes

LinkedIn is an integral part of job searching and the platform offers multiple benefits for users but many make common LinkedIn job search mistakes that can diminish the impact LinkedIn can have.

If you use LinkedIn correctly, you’re able to unlock many useful tricks to help find the right job for you. It allows you to connect with contacts about job opportunities, network with individuals in the filed you’re interested in, gives you valuable information about positions, companies, and much more.

common linked job search mistakes

Alternative Ways For A Career Change

Career changes happen all the time. Whether you wonder if you’re going in the right direction or you want to venture into another field, there are plenty of reasons for a career change. No matter what, there will be something that you love to do, you just need the opportunity to find out what it might be!

Here are some alternative ways to help if you feel like you are in need of career change.

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Job Search Strategies For Faster Results

The job search can be a long process, from researching jobs to applying, to the interview process, there is a lot that goes into landing a job. Even when you’re doing everything right, employers can take a while sorting through resumes, getting the proper info needed to move on, and go through multiple interviews before making a decision. If you play your cards right, you can expedite the process.

Below are some job search strategies that can help speed up the process.

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Don’t Quit The Job Search During The Holidays

As we slowly roll into December, things might start ramping but, but don’t forget to continue your job search!

Many people  probably think, “oh it’s such a busy time of year, no one is going to hire” but you might actually get lucky. AOL Jobs posted an article sharing eight reasons why you should push through the job search during the holiday season.

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Updating Your Digital Presence to Include Work Experience

It wasn’t too long ago that all you needed to worry about was how you looked on a resume and in an interview, but now with technology expanding quickly, more and more thought needs to be put into your digital presence and how you showcase yourself online.

Adecco recently did an article on how to present yourself online and what needs to be included to show off your talents/ backup your resume.

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The ‘Big Four’ Social Networks To Help Your Job Search

Over the last decade, the job search, and even the hiring process, has changed dramatically. We live in a digital world where everything is found on the internet and if you’re not on your social media game, you might be over looked.

Social networking tools have changed the game for the recruiting and hiring process. These networking platforms are now a prime source to find new leads.

Careerealism, recently delved into this social networking phenomenon and highlighted which networks you need to be on. While these aren’t the only ones you need to be aware of, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the four big hitters.

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Eight Essential Tips to Help You Land a VA Loan




Buying a home using your hard-earned VA loan benefits can be one of the most rewarding financial experiences of your life.

These government-backed mortgages have more flexible and forgiving requirements than other loan types. Significant benefits like $0 down payment and no mortgage insurance open the doors of homeownership to scores of veterans and service members who might otherwise be left out. Continue reading

Career Advice Wednesday – Your LinkedIn Network

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How to pitch your value: Dissecting the elevator pitch

Develop a strong elevator pitch that highlights your key skill sets, passions, and job goals.


Q: How do you implement the correct pitch with the right words that describe me and my skills?  – Gregory R. 

A: When you think about it, an elevator pitch is just one of the many methods you’ll use to communicate your personal brand to a potential employer.

As a job seeker, you instantly become a sales and marketing professional. You are now in the business of marketing your skills and expertise to people connected to your target job. Your messaging needs to be consistent across all of your branding channels, your resumecover letter, and online profiles; what you say when networking; and how you respond to questions in an interview.

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