Adrenaline-Fueled Jobs For Thrill Seekers

People who like a daily adrenaline rush usually find the typical 9-5 job less than thrilling. The idea of a daily challenge and new thrill provides a sense of stimulation and excitement. For those who love a little thrill in their life, there are certain adrenaline-fueled jobs that involve a certain level of risk that’s satisfying.

Adrenaline-fueled jobs for thrill seekers

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Tips For A Successful Fall Job Search

Fall is a great time for job seekers to kick it into high gear and try to land a job. It’s usually the last quarter for most companies so they still have budgets left for hiring and many companies take full advantage of hiring new employees during this time of year so they don’t lose the money allocated to hiring efforts.

If you’ve take time off from job searching during the summer months, now is a great time to get back into action with these fall job search tips.

fall job search tips

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Top Cities Hiring This Fall

Employment opportunities keep looking up in many areas as employers are more optimistic than ever! ManpowerGroup, an employment service firm, surveyed more than 11,000 employers in the 100 largest US metropolitan areas about hiring plans during the 4th quarter of 2015 and the survey revealed employers in all states plan to increase payroll budgets.

“The US labor market continues to show broad-based, stable growth, with significant milestones over time such as hiring prospects at a seven-year high, unemployment at 5.1% and weekly jobless claims recently reaching a 40-year low,” said Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup. “But as the labor market tightens, employers are increasingly telling us they are having difficulty finding skilled candidates — a situation not helped by the low labor participation rate.”


Some areas are still recovering but there are many cities that continue to see increases in career opportunities. For the top cities hiring this fall, read on!

top cities hiring this fall

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2015 Recruiting Trends Changing Everything

Talent management and recruiting are at a turning point and there are 2015 recruiting trends that are changing the way things are done.

The Millennial generation is becoming the workforce of today as more and more are entering the workpalce. According to Pew Research, the Millennials will overtake Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation so trends will change as they enter the real world. Here are a few key factors that are changing the way recruiting is done.

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5 Hot Industries Hiring Job Seekers

November marked the biggest monthly gain for hiring in the past three years, bringing on 321,000 people into the work force. While the unemployment rate didn’t budge too much, the Department of Labor recently reported 2.65 million jobs were added in 2014, making it a great year for job seekers.

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2014’s Top Skills That Got Job Seekers Hired

As 2014 comes to an end, 2015 is creeping up with new opportunities and experiences. As  job seekers, you might wonder, what worked and what didn’t? What skills got the most people hired? We wanted to share LinkedIn’s top 25 hottest skills that got people hired in 2014 so you can go full steam ahead into the new year.

LinkedIn analyzed the skills of over 330 million members and came up with the top skills of 2014.

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