Email Signature Tips For Job Seekers

There are so many little tips and tricks to being a better job seeker — clean up your social media profiles, refresh your resume, network,— the list goes on, but the first interaction with a company is usually when the application is sent. Something that’s usually not considered when sending emails is the email signature, but that’s one extra area to include the important information employers need.

Email Signature Tips

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Great Science Related Jobs That Pay Well

If you’re a lover of science, you’re in luck! Business Insider released a list of great well paying jobs for science lovers.

Science Related Jobs

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Avoid These Social Posts If You’re A Job Seeker

Whether it’s keeping up with friends or searching for a job, social media is used every day. While many job seekers use social platforms to connect with recruiters, scope out jobs, stay up-to-date on job postings, there are a few things you need to take into consider when trying to find a job.

Avoid These Social Posts If You're A Job Seeker

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Fast Growing Tech Jobs

The tech industry is growing rapidly and it’s dominance in the economy offers a lot of opportunity for job seekers. It’s also impacted American businesses tremendously and has changed they way a lot of work gets done. The Department of Labor projects an increase of 22% in all tech jobs by 2020, which means there are plenty of roads to take when it comes to the industry.


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Ways To Change Up Your Job Search Strategy

Landing a job is a tough job. Everyone has their own job search strategy but there are some things you can do differently to land more interviews.

Job Seeker Stratgey

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Best Time To Send Resumes

Job searching is a tough job! There are a lot of factors that go into finding and securing a job that one might not think of.

You craft your resume and cover letter, but when is the best time to send resumes? Here are some tips to know when the “sweet spots” are for sending resumes.

best time to send resume


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Hot Jobs for Job Seekers in 2015

As we enter 2015, job seekers are probably wondering where to start? Making New Years resolutions of finding the career of their dreams or going after a better paying job. Well Adecco released a list of industries that plan to increase in 2015.

Marketing: According to a recent article from AOL, the need for marketing executives is steadily increasing, which in turn could create a higher demand for marketing analytic roles. There is also a high demand for mobile marketing as more and more mobile devices are released and more people spend time on their devices. Large companies are also seeking content and social media marketing as well as people who can work with web anatlyics. As the world becomes increasingly more technology based, these jobs will continue to flourish.

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Career Advice: Let Your Body Language Do The Talking

A lot of people underestimate how important body language can be and how the right moves can land you the job.

Waiting for an interview is never easy… your palms get sweaty, heart starts racing, and nerves usually get the best of you but The Undercover Recruiter recently offered up some helpful tips on how to calm those nerves and let your body language do the talking.

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Simply Hired employment outlook see’s improvement

Simply Hired just released its August 2014 U.S. Employment Outlook which shows significant increase in July 2014.

Nationwide job openings have continued to increase over the country and the employment outlook for August looks promising as July showed a growth of 1.74 percent month-over-month. Nearly every major metro area (23 out of the 25) experienced an increase in job growth between June and July 2014 with a total of 3.7M job openings.

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