Make Your Resume Stand Out From The Crowd

The best way to make a good first impression to recruiters and hiring managers is to have a solid resume that stands out. If your resume grabs attention of others, you’re likely to land an interview, but there are a few tips and tricks to remember when crafting a stellar resume.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

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Avoid These Phrases When Crafting A Resume

A lot goes into crafting a resume that grabs recruiters attention. Outlining achievements, employment history, and skills are must haves for a solid resume, but there are some resume phrases that can ruin chances of getting a call back.

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Best Time To Send Resumes

Job searching is a tough job! There are a lot of factors that go into finding and securing a job that one might not think of.

You craft your resume and cover letter, but when is the best time to send resumes? Here are some tips to know when the “sweet spots” are for sending resumes.

best time to send resume


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Sizzle and Why It’s Important for Resumes

Just as recruiters use sizzle to attract candidates to job openings, candidates should be using sizzle to spice up their resume.  What is sizzle and why is it important, you ask?  Let me first start by explaining this simple, but often ignored concept.  Sizzle is another way of creating unique attractors and providing quantifiable and verifiable information to get people to notice a product.  Resumes are a candidate’s product and in the spirit of being concise, they need to quickly capture a candidate’s potential worth to a prospective employer.  Continue reading