Best And Worst Cities For Job Satisfaction

In a new study from job search site Indeed, job satisfaction is all about location.

With employees working an average of 47 hours per week, it’s no wonder people are looking for a position that not only pays well but also provides a good work environment. While there are many factors that go into job satisfaction, the degree of happiness can vary from city to city.

Best And Worst Cities For Job Satisfaction

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America’s Happiest Cities To Work In 2016

Do you live in one of the happiest cities to work? There’s a lot that goes into work happiness and there are some places that have a better rating than others. If you’re looking to find a city that has happy employees and great work-life balance, look no further. Each year CareerBliss releases a list of America’s happiest cities to work in. The career site analyzes factors like employee boss relationships, salary compensation, company culture, and growth opportunities, all which affect work happiness. Once the data is collected, the ratings are used to determine which cities make the cut each year.

America's Happiest Cities To Work In 2016

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2016’s Happiest Companies To Work For

As another year inches closer to ending, it’s time to see what companies are the happiest. From healthcare to retail, CareerBliss released it’s annual list of the 50 happiest companies in America with UnitedHealthcare landing the top spot.

Happiness at work

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2015 Happiest Retailers To Work For

Retail is big business and the field has a lot of great positions for job seekers. If you’re wondering who the happiest retail employers are CareerBliss has you covered with it’s annual list of happiest retailers to work for.


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The Best Cities For Job Seekers

Thinking about relocating? Do you need a big city for opportunities? Take a look at Glassdoor’s latest report on the 25 Best Cities for job seekers right now.

The cities were determined by weighing three factors: hiring opportunity, how affordable it is to live in the city, and job satisfaction. The report reveals each city’s media pay, median home value, job satisfaction, current openings and the population of each city.

Best Cities for Job Seekers

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Job Happiness: 10 Satisfying Jobs In America

Everyone wants to be happy at work, but let’s face it….there is a lot more than large paychecks that goes into keeping employees happy. The key to job happiness includes feelings of usefulness, flexibility, your surroundings, and bonds with other employees. These factors all lead to better satisfaction in the workplace.

Job site, CareerBliss, analyzed users rankings for different areas to determine the happiest jobs in America. Reviewers on the site ranked job satisfaction on a scale of one to five using seven different categories: the person they work for, coworkers, support, rewards, growth opportunities, corporate culture, and the way one works and handles daily tasks.

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