Phrases You Should Never Say During An Interview

Job interviews are tough business. It’s all about showing why you’re right for the position— that you have a great personality, a solid skill set, and that you would be a great addition to the team. To avoid blowing your chance at landing a new gig, there are some phrases you should never say during an interview.

Phrases You Should Never Say During An Interview

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Job Interview Buzz Words To Avoid

Your resume landed you the interview and now it’s time to really shine. Interviewers are listening to every word you say, good or bad, and there are certain words and phrases that could cost you the job.

Job Interview Buzz Words

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Important Ways To Prepare For An Interview

Landing an interview is an exciting thing. It’s one step closer to ending the job search and starting a new path in your career.

Prepare For An Interview

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How To Answer “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?”


The interview question, what’s your biggest weakness? can feel like a trap, leaving even the most prepare interviewees baffled. It’s a loaded question that many don’t know how to respond to even if you prepare before hand. This little question has a lot of power behind it and can determine whether you’re a possible new employee or a potential liability.

What's Your Biggest Weakness?

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Video Interview Tips And Tricks

The interview process can be really intimidating and a new trend in recruitment is video interviews, which means a whole new level of factors to consider when preparing for the interview.

Landing an interview can be nerve wracking enough, but if you’re not used to being on camera, a video interview can be even more intense. While it can be a nerve wracking experience, there are many benefits for both you and the potential employer. Here are some things you need to consider when preparing for a video interview.

Video interview tips and tricks

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Tips To Ace A Phone Interview

Pre-screening candidates is a growing trend during the interview process. It saves time on both ends and is a simple way to see whether the candidate is worth pursuing. There are a few different reasons for conducting phone interviews and we have some tips to help prepare!

Phone Interview Tips

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The “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question

Interviews can be a nerve wracking thing and there are some questions that you never know quite how to answer. Some of those dreaded interview questions include, “What is your biggest weakness?” – “What would you like to be doing in five years?” –  “Why do you think I should hire you?’ and ” Tell me about yourself.”  These are all questions you need to prep for so you have fluidity and confidence when answering.

The Tell me about yourself interview question is one of those staples that many interviewers use, so it’s best to practice before hand. While there is no “wrong” way to answer the question, interviewers are trying to get to know you professionally and get a grasp on your experience and career goals.


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Most Impressive Interview Questions From The Young Entrepreneur Council

Landing an interview can be tough, but landing the job can be even more difficult. Asking the right interview questions will benefit not only you, but the hiring manager too.

Dave Kerypen, CEO of Likeable Local and author of “Likeable Social Media,” recently did a LinkedIn post where he asked a few people at the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share the most impressive interview question they have been asked by interviewees, or one’s they wish interviewees would ask. We wanted to share some of our favorite questions, so the next time you have an interview, you blow their socks off with powerful questions.

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Help Boost Your Career With Music

There are plenty of things that can help you move in the right direction, but did you ever think music might be one of them? Listening to music can do more good for us than you think! It can improve performance and productivity, make you more confident, and even help you become more detail oriented.

Below are a few ways music can be that boost you need in the right direction.

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