Job Interview Buzz Words To Avoid

Your resume landed you the interview and now it’s time to really shine. Interviewers are listening to every word you say, good or bad, and there are certain words and phrases that could cost you the job.

Job Interview Buzz Words

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Job Interview Tips

Interviewing for a new position can be intimidating. A few pointers can make the difference between a relaxed fruitful interview and a terrifying experience that reduces your chances of becoming a “new employee”. Continue reading

Every Company has to Start Somewhere…

Welcome to the blog for TAD PGS, Inc.  We are launching this blog to introduce everyone to TAD-behind-the-brand, create excitement and upward mobility for you in your contractor career, and have a little fun!  This will be your “Go-To” place for government contracting information and how to take the next step in your career.  We will feature our best tips and tricks on how to land the perfect job, provide information on industry trends, share staff profiles and candidate success stories.

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