How To Answer “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

Being prepared for a job interview is key to success. That’s why it is important to practice answering difficult interview questions, like, “Why are you leaving your current job?” This is a typical question asked during interviews, so preparing beforehand will ensure a proper, professional answer, even if you have already moved on.

Ways to answer why are you leaving your current job?

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Interview Questions You Should Avoid Asking

We all know, to be a successful candidate in an interview you need to be prepared. And being prepared includes having a list of questions that show your interest in the company. But, there are some red flag questions that interviewees should avoid asking at the risk of blowing it all.

Interview Questions You Should Avoid Asking

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How To Answer “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?”


The interview question, what’s your biggest weakness? can feel like a trap, leaving even the most prepare interviewees baffled. It’s a loaded question that many don’t know how to respond to even if you prepare before hand. This little question has a lot of power behind it and can determine whether you’re a possible new employee or a potential liability.

What's Your Biggest Weakness?

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Most Impressive Interview Questions From The Young Entrepreneur Council

Landing an interview can be tough, but landing the job can be even more difficult. Asking the right interview questions will benefit not only you, but the hiring manager too.

Dave Kerypen, CEO of Likeable Local and author of “Likeable Social Media,” recently did a LinkedIn post where he asked a few people at the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share the most impressive interview question they have been asked by interviewees, or one’s they wish interviewees would ask. We wanted to share some of our favorite questions, so the next time you have an interview, you blow their socks off with powerful questions.

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5 Interview Questions To Prepare For

Every hiring manager has a different style, but there are some interview questions that you can almost guarantee you will be asked.

The Daily Journal has researched and collected the common interview questions and they might be trickier than you would think. So next time you land an interview, research and practice these answers.


Interview Questions

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Career Advice Wednesday – How to Respond to Interview Questions


Welcome to our candidate focused weekly review blog. This week we are focusing on interview questions and how to best answer them. Some questions are basic and you will probably hear that at almost every interview, but others are off the wall, crazy questions! Just remember, an interviewer is always asking them for a reason, even if it isn’t apparent at first thought.    Continue reading

21 Questions to Ask an Employer at Your Next Interview

Don’t appear indifferent in your next interview.  It’s important to have a list of questions to ask the employer and/or recruiter you are meeting with so that they know you are engaged and interested.  It’s a fine balance though.  You don’t want to go overboard and make them feel like they are under fire.  So make sure to keep your list short and to the point.

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