Trending Job Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2016

It’s hard to pinpoint which skills are the most important to possess when  job hunting but there are certain skills trending. If you’re a job seeker with the trending job skills it’s wise to highlight in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

trending job skills

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Tips For A Successful Fall Job Search

Fall is a great time for job seekers to kick it into high gear and try to land a job. It’s usually the last quarter for most companies so they still have budgets left for hiring and many companies take full advantage of hiring new employees during this time of year so they don’t lose the money allocated to hiring efforts.

If you’ve take time off from job searching during the summer months, now is a great time to get back into action with these fall job search tips.

fall job search tips

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Remote Jobs Are On the Rise!

Remote jobs continue to be on the rise as the number of remote or telecommuting job listings rose 26 percent in 2104, and it’s expected to continue to increase this year.

Remote Jobs

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2015’s Best And Worst Jobs

When you combine all the factors that go into a job, money and prestige don’t always get you happiness. CareerCast recently released thier annual best and worst jobs report where they rank a list of 200 occupations. The results are in and some of the jobs might surprise you.

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Get By With A Little Job Search Help From Your Friends

Having strong friendships and connecting with others can benefit you in more ways than you think.

In a time where it’s more about who you know, employers are looking for referrals, recommendations and word of mouth to help guide them in the right direction for candidates. And your friends, might just be the ammo you need to land the job of your dreams.

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2015 Recruiting Trends Changing Everything

Talent management and recruiting are at a turning point and there are 2015 recruiting trends that are changing the way things are done.

The Millennial generation is becoming the workforce of today as more and more are entering the workpalce. According to Pew Research, the Millennials will overtake Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation so trends will change as they enter the real world. Here are a few key factors that are changing the way recruiting is done.

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Social Recruiting: The New Tool For Staffing

Social media has become a secret weapon that many recruiting firms are turning to. While social recruiting is still foreign to a lot of staffing companies, there are some companies investing heavily in the new recruiting trend. In fact, recent survey from Jobvite, revealed 73% of hiring managers plan to invest in their social media presence in 2015.

Social recruitment is tough to ignore as most people are available on social media throughout the day. But the responsibility of learning the new technique goes both ways for hiring managers and candidates. This is the time were candidates should realize their online profiles need to reflect their professional experience and career goals while demonstrating a positive, put together person. Take time to clean up social media profiles so recruiters have a chance to get to know the professional behind the profile.

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Fall In Love With A New Job Opportunity

2015 is all about new job opportunities and how job seekers really have the pick of the litter. While there may be more choices to choose from, there is also more competition so take every opportunity you can to discover that dream job of yours.

As we go full swing into the year, February has some promising ways you can fall in love with a new job opportunity. AOL Jobs released a list of places hiring this month and we wanted to share them with the hope you fall in love with a new career!

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