Key Hiring Trends To Watch For In 2017

The future is looking bright for job seekers as 40% of companies surveyed by CareerBuilder plan to hire full-time employees during 2017. With that growth, there are some key hiring trends to watch for this year.

Hiring Trends On The Rise

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2016’s Hottest In-Demand Jobs

If you’re new years resolution includes finding a new job, you’re in luck. CareerBuilder just released a new study releasing the hottest in-demand jobs in 2016.

CareerBuilder partnered with EMSI, Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. to compare job postings with the number of hires over the last 12 month period. From there, they found the biggest gaps.

2016's Hottest In-Demand Jobs

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The Best Cities For Job Seekers

Thinking about relocating? Do you need a big city for opportunities? Take a look at Glassdoor’s latest report on the 25 Best Cities for job seekers right now.

The cities were determined by weighing three factors: hiring opportunity, how affordable it is to live in the city, and job satisfaction. The report reveals each city’s media pay, median home value, job satisfaction, current openings and the population of each city.

Best Cities for Job Seekers

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Get By With A Little Job Search Help From Your Friends

Having strong friendships and connecting with others can benefit you in more ways than you think.

In a time where it’s more about who you know, employers are looking for referrals, recommendations and word of mouth to help guide them in the right direction for candidates. And your friends, might just be the ammo you need to land the job of your dreams.

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Fall In Love With A New Job Opportunity

2015 is all about new job opportunities and how job seekers really have the pick of the litter. While there may be more choices to choose from, there is also more competition so take every opportunity you can to discover that dream job of yours.

As we go full swing into the year, February has some promising ways you can fall in love with a new job opportunity. AOL Jobs released a list of places hiring this month and we wanted to share them with the hope you fall in love with a new career!

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5 Hot Industries Hiring Job Seekers

November marked the biggest monthly gain for hiring in the past three years, bringing on 321,000 people into the work force. While the unemployment rate didn’t budge too much, the Department of Labor recently reported 2.65 million jobs were added in 2014, making it a great year for job seekers.

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Anticipated Hiring Trends for 2013

Whether you’re currently looking to hire some new employees or you’re a candidate searching for a job, some of the top hiring trends for 2013 could yield some valuable information. The report, put together by CareerBuilder, surveyed some 2,611 hiring managers and 3,991 workers.

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