2016’s Hottest In-Demand Jobs

If you’re new years resolution includes finding a new job, you’re in luck. CareerBuilder just released a new study releasing the hottest in-demand jobs in 2016.

CareerBuilder partnered with EMSI, Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. to compare job postings with the number of hires over the last 12 month period. From there, they found the biggest gaps.

2016's Hottest In-Demand Jobs

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The Best Cities For Job Seekers

Thinking about relocating? Do you need a big city for opportunities? Take a look at Glassdoor’s latest report on the 25 Best Cities for job seekers right now.

The cities were determined by weighing three factors: hiring opportunity, how affordable it is to live in the city, and job satisfaction. The report reveals each city’s media pay, median home value, job satisfaction, current openings and the population of each city.

Best Cities for Job Seekers

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5 Hot Industries Hiring Job Seekers

November marked the biggest monthly gain for hiring in the past three years, bringing on 321,000 people into the work force. While the unemployment rate didn’t budge too much, the Department of Labor recently reported 2.65 million jobs were added in 2014, making it a great year for job seekers.

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2014’s Top Skills That Got Job Seekers Hired

As 2014 comes to an end, 2015 is creeping up with new opportunities and experiences. As  job seekers, you might wonder, what worked and what didn’t? What skills got the most people hired? We wanted to share LinkedIn’s top 25 hottest skills that got people hired in 2014 so you can go full steam ahead into the new year.

LinkedIn analyzed the skills of over 330 million members and came up with the top skills of 2014.

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