Most Impressive Interview Questions From The Young Entrepreneur Council

Landing an interview can be tough, but landing the job can be even more difficult. Asking the right interview questions will benefit not only you, but the hiring manager too.

Dave Kerypen, CEO of Likeable Local and author of “Likeable Social Media,” recently did a LinkedIn post where he asked a few people at the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to share the most impressive interview question they have been asked by interviewees, or one’s they wish interviewees would ask. We wanted to share some of our favorite questions, so the next time you have an interview, you blow their socks off with powerful questions.

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Get Hired: Connecting with A Hiring Manager

Many job seekers rely on job boards to get hired, but it is one of the most ineffective ways to land a job. Applying for a job is only half the hurdle. Talk to people and let them know what you’re looking for. The more people you get in front of, the better chances you have to finding a great job opportunity. Use networking, in person and online, to your advantage.

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