Top Cities Hiring This Fall

Employment opportunities keep looking up in many areas as employers are more optimistic than ever! ManpowerGroup, an employment service firm, surveyed more than 11,000 employers in the 100 largest US metropolitan areas about hiring plans during the 4th quarter of 2015 and the survey revealed employers in all states plan to increase payroll budgets.

“The US labor market continues to show broad-based, stable growth, with significant milestones over time such as hiring prospects at a seven-year high, unemployment at 5.1% and weekly jobless claims recently reaching a 40-year low,” said Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup. “But as the labor market tightens, employers are increasingly telling us they are having difficulty finding skilled candidates — a situation not helped by the low labor participation rate.”


Some areas are still recovering but there are many cities that continue to see increases in career opportunities. For the top cities hiring this fall, read on!

top cities hiring this fall

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Job Happiness: 10 Satisfying Jobs In America

Everyone wants to be happy at work, but let’s face it….there is a lot more than large paychecks that goes into keeping employees happy. The key to job happiness includes feelings of usefulness, flexibility, your surroundings, and bonds with other employees. These factors all lead to better satisfaction in the workplace.

Job site, CareerBliss, analyzed users rankings for different areas to determine the happiest jobs in America. Reviewers on the site ranked job satisfaction on a scale of one to five using seven different categories: the person they work for, coworkers, support, rewards, growth opportunities, corporate culture, and the way one works and handles daily tasks.

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Hot Jobs for Job Seekers in 2015

As we enter 2015, job seekers are probably wondering where to start? Making New Years resolutions of finding the career of their dreams or going after a better paying job. Well Adecco released a list of industries that plan to increase in 2015.

Marketing: According to a recent article from AOL, the need for marketing executives is steadily increasing, which in turn could create a higher demand for marketing analytic roles. There is also a high demand for mobile marketing as more and more mobile devices are released and more people spend time on their devices. Large companies are also seeking content and social media marketing as well as people who can work with web anatlyics. As the world becomes increasingly more technology based, these jobs will continue to flourish.

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Anticipated Hiring Trends for 2013

Whether you’re currently looking to hire some new employees or you’re a candidate searching for a job, some of the top hiring trends for 2013 could yield some valuable information. The report, put together by CareerBuilder, surveyed some 2,611 hiring managers and 3,991 workers.

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