Email Signature Tips For Job Seekers

There are so many little tips and tricks to being a better job seeker — clean up your social media profiles, refresh your resume, network,— the list goes on, but the first interaction with a company is usually when the application is sent. Something that’s usually not considered when sending emails is the email signature, but that’s one extra area to include the important information employers need.

Email Signature Tips

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Email tricks to keep you efficient in the office and out!

I like to keep my inbox clean…really clean!  So each year I always start 2 new personal (.pst) folders.  This year I added “Inbox 2013” and “Sent 2013”.  I didn’t always do this.  In fact, I used to have a folder for each colleague I work with, as well as each client.  However, I found that the time I took to sort each email to its respective folder could be better used catching up on important projects.  All that sorting just took too much time.  I mean how often do we really need to access an old email?  And if you ever do, you can always use the “advanced search” features of Outlook or whatever email system you use to find what you are looking for. Continue reading