Great Science Related Jobs That Pay Well

If you’re a lover of science, you’re in luck! Business Insider released a list of great well paying jobs for science lovers.

Science Related Jobs

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2016’s Hottest In-Demand Jobs

If you’re new years resolution includes finding a new job, you’re in luck. CareerBuilder just released a new study releasing the hottest in-demand jobs in 2016.

CareerBuilder partnered with EMSI, Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. to compare job postings with the number of hires over the last 12 month period. From there, they found the biggest gaps.

2016's Hottest In-Demand Jobs

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Alternative Ways For A Career Change

Career changes happen all the time. Whether you wonder if you’re going in the right direction or you want to venture into another field, there are plenty of reasons for a career change. No matter what, there will be something that you love to do, you just need the opportunity to find out what it might be!

Here are some alternative ways to help if you feel like you are in need of career change.

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LinkedIn Tips To Help Land Your Dream Job

Daniel Ayele, Product Manager at LinkedIn recently wrote a blog about data-proven LinkedIn tips for job seekers. With nearly 2.5 million jobs on LinkedIn, it can get overwhelming when searching for opportunities but these tips are backed by data to prove it’s worth the while to focus on these to make you stand out.

Here’s a look at the to-do list to land your dream job in 2015:

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Risk Taking is a Learning Experience

An interesting article by Adam Grant, “The Helicopter Manager,” got me wondering how many people are stuck working with this type of manager.

The article cites a study by Sandy Lim of the National University of Singapore which suggests this type of manager interferes with employees’ learning, causing damage to confidence, and creating more dependence rather than independence. Continue reading