Job Interview Dos and Don’ts That Everyone Should Know


It may sound corny, but once you get the interview invitation, there are some basics that you need to be aware of to maintain your best chances of getting the job. Continue reading

Civilian hiring managers love veterans, but don’t always understand them

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Hiring managers see veterans as valuable recruits for civilian companies but still struggle with how to handle their concerns and professional development, according to a new survey released by the Hiring Our Heroes initiative on Wednesday. Continue reading

When it comes to compensation, you’ve got to consider the whole picture

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I was going back through old paperwork in my career folder recently and found a “Total Compensation & Retirement Plan Projection Statement”. It was sent to all employees back in 2009 when the whole country seemed to be either laying off staff or cutting staff pay in exchange of keeping their job. Many of us took this as a “hey, it’s better than nothing” sort of approach.

What the?

At first glance, I remember being a little upset. It felt like a slap in the face or pat on the back kind of thing. But after taking a moment to really absorb the information, I realized that this was actually a pretty cool way to see the full package that I was getting. I had no idea. And I think that is the case for many folks out there. We tend to focus on salary rather than the total compensation we receive. Continue reading

November 11th is Always Veterans Day

Honoring all who served on Veteran's Day

November 11th was designated Veterans Day– to recognize and honor our veterans.  This year our nation has been polarized and divided, yet we are in respectful agreement about the valuable service of our veterans.  Veterans always remain above the fray of petty political whims and self-interests.  When called upon, they put aside all personal politics, taking up the greater importance of protecting the United States.  Sacrificing all, Veterans are the cohesive force that made our country strong in the past and continue to make America great today.

Veteran’s Day crosses every line – race, gender, age, national origin, religion, and political affiliation.  Generations of Americans, from every walk of life, selflessly defend the United States and fellow Americans through their service to our country.  Many made the ultimate sacrifice- giving their lives protecting the liberties that we often take for granted most days.

Veterans Day should not be confused with Memorial Day Continue reading

Amazon Is Hiring Seasonal Work-From-Home Positions With Flexible Hours

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Looking to make a little extra money for the holiday shopping season? Amazon is hiring seasonal customer service associates to help answer customers’ questions and problem-solve any issues. Continue reading

2016’s Best Healthcare Related Companies To Work For

There’s no denying it… the healthcare field is one of the top industries for growth. With more prevalent diseases and aging Americans on the rise, the demand for healthcare related professionals continues to increase.


2016's Hottest In-Demand Jobs

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15 Body Language Secrets of Successful People



Non-verbal communication or body language, accounts for more than 50% of how people perceive you and what you are trying to communicate.

There are 15 common body language blunders that people, make that have been highlighted by Dr. Travis Bradberry in a recent Huffington Post article. Continue reading

Twice a year VetJobs co-sponsors the VeteransConnect Virtual Career

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Twice a year VetJobs co-sponsors the VeteransConnect Virtual Career Fair with Professional Diversity Network. These career fairs have been extremely successful for both veterans looking for a job and for the employers looking to hire transitioning military, veterans, National Guard, Reserve and their family members. The next VeteransConnect Virtual Career Fair is November 7 through November 11, but you can register early at There are many companies already signed up for the VeteransConnect Virtual Career Fair and will probably be over 100 by the time the event starts on November 7. To get noticed early by these companies, sign up today!
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As we go into the fall hiring is picking up and many companies are complaining about shortages of qualified candidates. Emphasis on qualified candidates! Fortunately, veterans and active members of the National Guard and Reserve bring many of the skill sets that employers are seeking.

I have covered this in the past, but it is always worth reconsidering why employers actually make a hire. There are eight main items that a recruiter has to consider when looking at a potential candidate. They are skillsets, experience, education, cultural fit, attitude, trainability, certifications and location. The two most important are attitude and cultural fit. No company wants to hire a new employee who has a bad attitude. Their attitude affects other employees. And that directly relates to cultural fit.

When you are looking at a potential employer, ask yourself if you think you can work with these people and is the company’s culture similar to your values. If they are not, reconsider whether you want to work there. Having skillsets, experience and education are very important. But if you show up with a bad attitude, you are knocking yourself out of consideration.

Go to, click on the “Looking for People” tab, then view “Veterans Solutions” to see more for information on our Veterans Solutions for Employers. Please join our LinkedIn group, Veterans Hiring Solutions for Veterans at If you have specific questions about hiring veterans or the incentives for doing so, contact me at

2016’s Top 20 Veteran Friendly Companies

Over the years, many big name companies have recognized how valuable veterans are to their work force. While more and more companies make it a point to be veteran friendly, there are some companies that stand apart from the rest.


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Veterans Health Administration’s Homeless Veteran Community Employment Services (HVCES)

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Although permanent, stable housing is the benchmark of efforts to end homelessness among Veterans, housing alone may not be enough to mitigate a current episode of homelessness. Employment is a key element in helping Veterans climb out of homelessness permanently or avoid it all together. For homeless, chronically homeless and at-risk Veterans, employment can provide an improved quality of life, increased self-confidence and independence, a decreased reliance on institutional care, improved community integration, and opportunities for socialization.  Without employment, Veterans may lack access to resources that help in obtaining and sustaining stable housing. Continue reading