Amazon offers training to Veterans


Homeland Security Jobs For Military Veterans

The Department of Homeland Security has many areas that welcome veterans. If you’re a military veteran looking for civilian employment, the DHS has continuous openings in mission support, law enforcement, immigration, and many other exciting areas. For military veterans that want a great job with added benefits, check out these Homeland Security jobs for military veterans.

Homeland Security Jobs For Military Veterans

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Federal Government Opportunities For Veterans

The federal government is one of the nation’s leading employers and is need of highly skilled individuals that meet the agency staffing needs and mission objectives. Realizing that veterans have skills and training that are valuable assets to the work place, the percentage of veteran new hires has increased increase. The Veterans Employment Initiative, which was established in 2009, is a program that is geared towards promoting the hiring of veterans in the executive branch. 2014 was the first year since the program launched that overall new employee hires increased.

Federal Government Opportunities

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2015 Best Veteran Friendly Companies

Each year, more and more companies focus their efforts on veteran hiring. Veteran’s have skills that any company would be happy to have but there are some companies out there that go above and beyond to hire and train vets.

Best Veteran Friendly Companies

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The Best Veteran Friendly Employers

What makes a company veteran friendly? Civilian Job News just released a list of the “Most Valuable Employers for Military,” and what factors they used to determine the best veteran friendly employers.

best veteran friendly employers

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Military Vets Bring Talent, Leadership to the Workforce



As veterans transition into the civilian workforce, many companies are recognizing that veterans bring a huge asset to the workplace – talent.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are or what industry you are in, veterans have the skills that you are looking for.” said Lisa Rosser, CEO and founder of The Value of a Veteran, a human resource consulting and training firm.

Over 80% of military specialties translate directly into civilian positions. This is a tremendous benefit for employers because they do not have to train or reeducate veterans as they may heave to do with college graduates or career changers.

Transitioning veterans must educate themselves about the civilian marketplace and how they can transition smoothly into the corporate climate. Corporations must learn to assist the veteran by making the corporate climate welcoming and provide some special programs to assist the veteran with the transition.

Pairing a veteran with another veteran can be an example of creating a welcoming environment. When the new hire has a question about company procedures or benefits that they may not understand, they can reach out to someone who has “been there” and can explain the situation.

Even veterans with specialties not easily transferable to the civilian marketplace, bring skill sets that are highly valued by corporations. Organization, teamwork, focus, and adaptability are examples of skills that all veterans have.

Veterans are a great addition to any corporate environment and more and more companies are making the effort to recruit and retain veterans.

For more details see Lisa Wirthman at Forbes

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Careers for Military Veterans

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a difficult time and trying to find a job during it all, can be overwhelming. In fact, the unemployment rate is higher than the civilian rate, but there are some industries that are a better fit for military veterans transitioning.

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Best Employers for Hiring Veterans 2014

Companies across the US participated in an in depth questionnaire from Military times to reveal which companies were best when it comes to hiring veterans. Rankings were developed by answers provided about recruiting people connected to the military, company policies, and the overall culture of the company.

USAA, Verizon Communications Inc., CACI International Inc., BAE Systems Inc., and Union Pacific were the top five companies in rankings with USAA having a significant preference in hiring veterans. 

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Top Skills that Lead to Job Success

There are certain skills that are universally recognized as top skills for job success. If you master these, you will have bigger and better opportunities that come your way.

U.S. News created a list of the top 10 skills that lead to success and we wanted to share them with the job seekers out there.

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