2015 Best And Worst States To Make A Living

Making a career move has many different meanings. For some it’s moving into a new position, and for others it can mean making a permanent move to another area with more opportunity. While choosing a place to live can be challenging, it’s best to research the areas you’re interested in to get a better idea of cost of living, etc.

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What To Do When Starting A New Job

The first few months of starting a new job can be tough. It’s a time where you are getting your feet wet and trying to fit in to your new roll and workplace.

There are certain things that can help you break into your new position and get things off on the right foot. When you’re the new kid on the block, your primary goal is to learn as much as possible about the position and the workplace. You also want to gain the trust and respect of others in the office.

Starting a new job

Here are a few tips to remember when starting a new job:

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Famous Veteran: Paul Newman

Paul Newman headshot.

“A man with no enemies is a man with no character.”

Paul Newman was born in a suburb of Cleveland in 1925. His family owned and operated a small, lucrative sporting goods store that provided a comfortable lifestyle. Newman enjoyed a stable childhood, and showed a penchant for acting at a young age. His first appearance on stage was at the age of seven in his school’s version of “Robin Hood.” Continue reading

The Best Cities For Job Seekers

Thinking about relocating? Do you need a big city for opportunities? Take a look at Glassdoor’s latest report on the 25 Best Cities for job seekers right now.

The cities were determined by weighing three factors: hiring opportunity, how affordable it is to live in the city, and job satisfaction. The report reveals each city’s media pay, median home value, job satisfaction, current openings and the population of each city.

Best Cities for Job Seekers

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Good Leadership Qualities Employees Love

What makes the best leaders? Think back on your past jobs and dig into what made you like your bosses? Who were your favorite and why? What made them a good person to work for? After doing some soul searching, you might have a better idea of what qualities make good leaders.

Here are a few qualities that every good leader should possess.

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Body Language Secrets

Body language is an important part of modern day communication. Simple gestures or posture, affect the way one feels, thinks and performs. It’s nonverbal communication that speaks volumes.

Being aware of signs and signals, movements and gestures, gives you the ability to understand people and in turn have people understand you better.

successful body language

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2015’s Best And Worst Jobs

When you combine all the factors that go into a job, money and prestige don’t always get you happiness. CareerCast recently released thier annual best and worst jobs report where they rank a list of 200 occupations. The results are in and some of the jobs might surprise you.

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Job Happiness: 10 Satisfying Jobs In America

Everyone wants to be happy at work, but let’s face it….there is a lot more than large paychecks that goes into keeping employees happy. The key to job happiness includes feelings of usefulness, flexibility, your surroundings, and bonds with other employees. These factors all lead to better satisfaction in the workplace.

Job site, CareerBliss, analyzed users rankings for different areas to determine the happiest jobs in America. Reviewers on the site ranked job satisfaction on a scale of one to five using seven different categories: the person they work for, coworkers, support, rewards, growth opportunities, corporate culture, and the way one works and handles daily tasks.

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We asked our team what they were thankful for, and this is what we got…


As a brand, TAD PGS is thankful for all the great clients and job seekers we get to work with everyday.  Without you, our jobs would not be possible.  To further extend that, we asked our team what they were thankful for.  Check out their responses and share with us what you are most grateful for in the comments below.


TAD PGS Virginia team - Thanksgiving Potluck

TAD PGS Virginia team – Thanksgiving Potluck

“This thanksgiving I’m so grateful for my two beautiful children. They bring me so much joy watching them grow and exceed in all they do. My beautiful 10 year old daughter is the President of Student council for her school and my 7 year old son is a Junior Olympic runner. I’m also thankful for an amazing career. I have the honor of helping people find work which in turn helps them to provide for their families.”  La Tonya Cameron Walker, Director of Recruiting

“I am thankful to live in a country where individuals have opportunity based upon their own commitment and ability.”  Tom Lash, CEO & President

“I am thankful for being 5 years cancer free as of 11/16/14 and that my wife and I will be expecting a healthy baby boy in April 2015.”  William M. Purner III, Client Program Manager

“I’m thankful for having two wonderful healthy girls and that I’m strong enough to put up with the teenage attitude and the tantrums of my 3 year old, for having wonderful in-laws and for an amazing and supporting husband that puts up with my attitude.” Marisela Vega, Lead Recruiter

“I am thankful for growing up in the age of Technology!” Gabriella Williams, IT Recruiter

“I’m thankful that I woke up this morning to see another beautiful day….life is the most precious gift we could ever receive… so often taken for granted!  I’m also thankful for all the beautiful and good people God has put in my life!”   Rochelle Mclachlan, Recruiter

“I am thankful for my experience on the east coast, because now that I have returned home, I am a better employee, family member and friend. I am also very thankful for my father, who has been and continues to be a great role model for my siblings and I.” Merissa Villalobos, IT Recruiter

“I am thankful for this job opportunity here at TAD PGS. And I am thankful that I will be with family for the Holidays.  Being from Oklahoma and now living in Virginia…this means a lot to me.”  Angela Jones, Medical Recruiter

“I am thankful for God’s protection, mercy and favor over my life and the lives of my family and friends. It is truly a blessing to wake up everyday and have health, a home and all the provisions that I need to lead a comfortable and productive life. I just want to take this opportunity to glorify GOD in all the big and small blessing he has bestowed upon me and my family. I truly am blessed!”  Kiona Daniels, Technology Recruiter

“I am thankful for my loving family, good health and a roof over our head, even if we don’t have a kitchen or furniture.”  Stefani Reed, Operations Manager 

“I’m thankful that I am able to live and work in Washington State so that I can be near my family and friends.  I am also thankful that my stepson finally feels like a neighborhood kid.”  Katie Erdman, Client Solutions and Communications Manager


What are you most thankful for this season?









The 2014 First Coast Defense Expo

Last week, some of the TAD PGS team attended the 2014 First Coast Defense Expo in Jacksonville, Florida. It was the second year in a row that TAD PGS attended.

The event is hosted annually by the Florida Defense Contractors Association in conjunction with Jacksonville Aviation Authority and Congressman Ander Crenshaw.

Tom Brewer, VP of Security and Compliance, was one of the team members who went to the First Coast Defense Expo and wanted to share his experience:

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