The Future of Cybersecurity Jobs

The demand for cybersecurity experts is skyrocketing. With daily cyberattacks and costly data breaches increasing each year, it has never been a better time to explore the career options in this field. The demand for cybersecurity jobs is expected to grow by 53% over the next two years, leaving over 200,000 currently unfilled positions in the U.S alone, according to the Peninsula Press analysis. By 2019, the global cybersecurity field is predicted to be comprised of up to 6 million cybersecurity experts. However, there is a huge gap between cybersecurity experts needed and jobs filled.

Cybersecurity Infographic

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Top Companies Offering Remote Friendly Jobs In 2017

Working from home sounds like a dream come true but the truth is, there are plenty of benefits companies get with hiring remote employes. That’s why more and more companies are embracing remote friendly jobs.

Companies Offering The Most Remote Friendly Jobs

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These Are 2017’s Best Places To Work According To Employees

It’s a new year and that means there are plenty of new opportunities on the horizon! If you’re in the market for a new career move, use Glassdoor’s list of 2017’s best places to work as your inspiration.

2017's Best Places To Work For According To Employees

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Job Interview Dos and Don’ts That Everyone Should Know


It may sound corny, but once you get the interview invitation, there are some basics that you need to be aware of to maintain your best chances of getting the job. Continue reading

When it comes to compensation, you’ve got to consider the whole picture

Total Compensation




I was going back through old paperwork in my career folder recently and found a “Total Compensation & Retirement Plan Projection Statement”. It was sent to all employees back in 2009 when the whole country seemed to be either laying off staff or cutting staff pay in exchange of keeping their job. Many of us took this as a “hey, it’s better than nothing” sort of approach.

What the?

At first glance, I remember being a little upset. It felt like a slap in the face or pat on the back kind of thing. But after taking a moment to really absorb the information, I realized that this was actually a pretty cool way to see the full package that I was getting. I had no idea. And I think that is the case for many folks out there. We tend to focus on salary rather than the total compensation we receive. Continue reading

2016’s Best Healthcare Related Companies To Work For

There’s no denying it… the healthcare field is one of the top industries for growth. With more prevalent diseases and aging Americans on the rise, the demand for healthcare related professionals continues to increase.


2016's Hottest In-Demand Jobs

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