Best Cities For Technology Careers

Silicon Valley isn’t the only place great for Technology careers. Tech hubs are popping up all over the place and we have some of the best cities to look into.

Best Cities for Technology Careers

NerdWallet, anĀ American, personal finance, information service, looked at the 370 largest metropolitan areas to discover what areas are the best for technology careers. The company looked at factors like the size of the tech industry in the given area, how well the jobs pay, and how far the income can go in that area.

Of course, Silicon Valley tops the list with thousands of tech companies based in and around the area, but there are plenty of other areas shining bright with tech opportunities. Tech companies are thriving in D.C. and the Boston metro area as well as Huntsville, AL, The Research Triangle in NC, Boulder, CO, and the Silicon Hills of Austin, TX.

Here’s the top 25 cities for technology careers. For the full list, visit NerdWallet:

Best Cities for Technology Careers

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