Career Advice Wednesday – How to Respond to Interview Questions


Welcome to our candidate focused weekly review blog. This week we are focusing on interview questions and how to best answer them. Some questions are basic and you will probably hear that at almost every interview, but others are off the wall, crazy questions! Just remember, an interviewer is always asking them for a reason, even if it isn’t apparent at first thought.   

  1. One of the most common and most difficult interview questions to answer is “What is your greatest weakness?” Sure there are some generic answers, but they’re not necessarily the best.
  2. Along with the above question you probably feel like other questions, such as “Tell me about a time you failed” and “Why do you have gaps on your resume”, can be equally difficult. However with the proper preparation you can seem like a pro when it comes to answering these interview questions and more.
  3. These 4 questions are bit outside of the box. The way you answer them can provide insight into how you think and operate, so if you encounter any of them, or anything similar, make sure you are aware of how to answer them to meet the hiring managers’ expectations.
  4. Sometimes an interviewer may really throw you for a loop just to see how you think on your feet. Even when a question seems irrelevant, it’s important that you answer it carefully.
  5. Ever think “did they really just ask that question?” Well there are several ‘stupid’ interview questions out there. Check out this list and the best way to go about answering them.

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