Ten Lessons from 26 Years of Military Experience

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After a 26-year military career that spanned both active and reserve duty, I’m convinced that experience is the hardest teacher since it gives the exam before any lessons are taught. Here are some of the important lessons I’ve learned over the past two decades in uniform and from my experiences in public service and the private sector. Continue reading

Eligibility Guidelines for Gaining Security Clearance

The granting of a security clearance is a serious and involved [process. Many do not understand the process or the requirements. There are 13 primary considerations that guide the process. Continue reading

Amazon offers training to Veterans


7 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Separate

The military is its own culture. When transitioning to a civilian career, it can be daunting, but with preparation and understanding it does not have to be so challenging. Lida Citroen of Military.com has some insights. Continue reading

6 Responses for Working Through Workplace Conflict with Tact and Finesse

Often, we find ourselves in workplace situations that create tension and drama. How we handle or do not handle it determines how effectively we can resolve it utilizing interpersonal skills and finesse. Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison, an Executive Leadership Coach, has some thoughts that may be worth considering. Continue reading

How to Write a Thank You That Gets You Hired

Often overlooked by job seekers, a thoughtful and well written thank you note may be your key to getting that job after the interview. Andrew LaCivita CEDO of Milewalk , and author of several books on the hiring process, has several insights. Continue reading

Professional Development Opportunities: Making a Career Change

If you are looking for a new start in a different field, you are not alone. A recent survey Harris Poll on behalf of University of Phoenix showed that the majority of American workforce is interested in changing careers, but they worry about the risks of starting over. How could you pursue your dreams and know where to begin?

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Work-Life Balance: How To Achieve Happiness

It is common knowledge: happy employees perform better than unhappy ones. But success does not necessarily make people happier. So what does? According to many studies, the answer is the magical phrase: “work-life balance”. The challenge here is twofold for both employees and employers. Firstly, how to make more money and still maintain healthy work-life balance, have family time, to relax and have fun. Is it possible to have it all? Secondly, how can employers make their employees happy and retain them?

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What Colors to Wear to a Job Interview

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In today’s job market, when you get the call for an interview, your actions, your clothing and your body language are all important factors in making the interviewer want to hire you. All too often, people overlook the colors they wear as part of their wardrobe to be equally important. Alison Doyle has some suggestions that may be worth considering. Continue reading